David W. Howard Award

Clarksville High School Football David W. Howard Award

The David William Howard Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to a senior interior lineman to honor the life and legacy of David William Howard. The recipient will wear the number 56 and a black patch with DWH acknowledging him as the recipient of the $1000 scholarship.

David Howard was the model of a high school scholar-athlete. He worked hard on the field to become the best athlete he could. His work ethic and dedication to the team earned him the respect of his teammates and coaches. He worked even harder in the classroom and gained the respect of the faculty and students at CHS. His dedication, hard work ethic, and talents helped him to always rise above his challenges and succeed.

David demonstrated these characteristics throughout his life. Those of us who knw him were truly the lucky ones. Davis was always taught to think of the other person. On the morning of Saturday, October 3rd, 1993, David was acting as a Good Samaritan to save a fellow employee, and paid the ultimate price with his own life.

“It surprised no one who knew David Howard that he would react instantly to help someone in trouble – even though the act of heroism brought about his own death. David was nearby the chief of maintenance at the plant David was working at, when the man began to have trouble. To save him from electrical shock, David pushed the man aside and grabbed the machine, killing David. In his death, he teaches us something about the human spirit and how it can soar beyond ordinary concerns for self preservation.”

This award has been presented to the following players:

  • 2004 Jacob Hill
  • 2005 Kelvin Little
  • 2006 Anthony Hazlett
  • 2007 Justin Clinard
  • 2008 Tyler Dickerson
  • 2009 Steven Deering
  • 2010 Jesse Chandler
  • 2011 Dillon Byard
  • 2012 Not Awarded
  • 2013 Not Awarded
  • 2014 Andrew Bagwell
  • 2016 A.J. Horner
  • 2017 Marquentis Rutherford
  • 2018 Jacob Tuberville
  • 2019 Blake Hundley
  • 2020 Coltyn Stansberry
  • 2021 Jakobie Watkins
  • 2022 Peyton Hamilton