Wildcats make the switch to Under Armour

After several seasons as a Nike team, they Wildcats will enter the 2022 season with new Under Armour jerseys and pants. 

“We had some issues at the end of the year with some torn jerseys, and we lost a handful of them,” said Shelby about the switch.

As the Wildcats entered the final week of the regular season, the staff notice that several of the new away jerseys had multiple rips in them. With the final three games (including two playoff games) all being away games for the Wildcats they had to make several jersey swaps and even have immediate stitching to have enough jerseys for their games.

“After deep dive researching by the coaching staff in December and January with some reps from different companies we are really excited about the longer term durability of the product,” said Shelby about the decision to switch. “The kids like it a lot and being one of the few Under Armour teams in our area, I think it helps us brand ourselves in a different way.”