The Shield stays with the Wildcats

CLARKSVILLE, TN —In the 4th quarter in a two point game, the Wildcats marched out Andrew Irvin (SR, K) to attempt a 50-yard field goal. This would be the longest field goal attempted for the senior, in not only the 2021 season but his career. With 4:47 remaining in the game, Irvin would put all his power in his left leg and boot the ball through the uprights to give the Wildcats a 10-9 lead and the eventual victory over their rivals.

It would be a defensive battle all night between the Wildcats and the Hawks of Rossview on Friday at Hilda J. Richardson Stadium. Rossview would force Clarksville High School to punt multiple times in the first half, but ultimately would see their own offensive woes due to numerous penalties.

The Hawks would hit a field goal in the first quarter and kept a 3-0 lead all the way to halftime.

After the half, the Hawks special team unit would cough the ball up on the first kickoff of the 3rd quarter which allowed the Wildcats to take over. On their first offensive play, Jamar Carnell (JR, RB/LB) would take a handoff and bounce it outside for a 32-yard touchdown and a 7-3 lead.

The Hawks would eventually get back to the end zone but miss the extra point to recapture the lead 9-7.

The Wildcats would eventually get into field goal range in the 4th, but an unsportsmanlike penalty would push the Wildcats back 15 yards on 4th down setting up the 50-yard field goal attempt.

Irvin’s kick would just fall over the crossbar for the 10-9 lead in the 4th which put the pressure on the Wildcats’ defense. CHS would see multiple opportunities to force the Hawks off the field but pass interference calls would save the Hawks’ drive; however, the Hawks would find themselves in a fourth down situation. Carnell would fight through a block and hit the Hawks running back for a loss on the play allowing for the victory formation for the Wildcats.

Clarksville High School has now owned the Warfield Shield for the fourth straight meeting between the two teams. The Wildcats also improved to 8-5 overall in games played for the shield.

The Wildcats improved to 2-1 on the season and 1-0 in region play. They will return to the road for the next two weeks as they play the Cougars of Dickson County and the Beech Buccaneers.