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Clarksville High School Football Alumni Club

The Clarksville High School Football Alumni Club (Alumni Club) was established on April 10, 2013. The Alumni Club was created as an original idea presented by John Carney (’68). John contacted some former Wildcat football players and out of those efforts the Alumni Club was created. The purpose of the Alumni Club is to provide, through fundraising, membership, and donations, the ability to meet and support the needs of the current Clarksville High School football team in their efforts to maintain and grow a reputable and successful program. In addition, the Alumni Club provides a forum for former players and their families to continue to associate themselves with the existing football program. The Alumni Club greatly values the upholding of the storied tradition that is CHS football. As such, it presents an annual Alumni Club Award to a graduating senior football player. It is in the illustrious sense of Wildcat pride that the Alumni Club seeks to credit all past players and coaches who once represented the purple and gold. In addition, we seek to undergird the current members of the football team through stimulating their connection to the prideful honor of being a CHS Wildcat football player.

“Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat”